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Security design reviews for every feature your company builds

Seezo provides context-specific security requirements to developers before they start coding

Built by security experts, backed by Accel


Co-founder & CEO
12+ years of Security experience
Ex-Head of Security @ Razorpay
Author of the Boring AppSec newsletter


7+ years of Security experience
Ex-Head of Customer Success @ PingSafe
Other stints: CloudSEK, Synopsys

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Using Seezo

  • Automated security design reviews for all your features

  • Accept design docs, tech specs, and Jira EPICs as is. All formats are accepted

  • No form filling, which helps your security engineers get their job done on time

Seezo's mission

Make world-class product security accessible to every engineering team in the world.Use the magic of Gen AI to reduce Security engineer toil

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